Thursday, 30 April 2015


Some time ago now our research group were funded by ESRC to create a network on "Capability and Resilience". Interest in resilience has actually grown since that project ended ages ago (2006 or thereabouts). Our old website persists (type Capability and Resilience into Google) but the link to the list of published papers via the ESRC website is broken. So here are the URLs for at least some of them. It was an amusing story how e got the contract. Apparently (it was not long after 9/11) the ESRC actually wanted research on civil defense type things. We had one referee who complained "These people are just the same old mafia and whatever they say they are going to do they will just do more research on health inequality". If you read the bookleet "Beating the Odds" (available free, just type that into Google) you can judge for yourself.

Ingrid Schoon's book "Risk and Resilience: Adaptations to Changing Times" was our guide.

Examining Resilience of Quality of Life in the Face of Health-Related and Psychosocial Adversity at Older Ages:

Understanding adversity and resilience at older ages

Mental health and resilience at older ages: bouncing back after adversity in the British Household Panel Survey (sorry this is still paywalled)

Quality of life in older ages

Resilience at older ages: the importance of social relations and
implications for policy.

Factors which nurture geographical resilience in Britain: a mixed methods study (Paywalled but available through Research Gate)

Is economic adversity always a killer? Disadvantaged areas with relatively low mortality rates

Risk and Resilience in the Life Course: Implications for Interventions and Social Policies (£)

Socioeconomic Adversity, Educational Resilience, and Subsequent Levels of Adult Adaptation (£)

Educational resilience in later life:

Growing up in Poverty: The Role of Human Capability and Resilience

Competence in the face of adversity: the influence of early family environment and long-term consequences   (£)

The Social Ecology of Resiience (book)

I think that will do for now! Not exhaustive list.

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